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JCF Medical Community College New Delhi An Autonomous College Licence by Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India Licence No. 119775 and Recognised by Govt. Of India Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD ) under Copyright Act 1957 vide No.15416/2022-CO/L and Certified by: Ministry of commerce and Industry, Govt. of India.Under Trade Mark Act 1999 vide TMA No.4705074 and Registered by Ministry of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises Govt. of India Regd. No. DL- 050001847.

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Aims and Objectives of JCFMCC

To promote, encourage and assist research and training in the field of medical science. community medicine and health education and allied science in India.

To Promote, encourage, establish support finance and assist the research projects, health and medical service center, physical education center clinics, health resorts, nursing homes, hospitals, dispensaries, research centers, and open training centers for the promotion of medical science, health education allied science and community medicine.

To promote scientific research, services, and demonstrations in the fields of medical science, community medicines, and health education and improve the health standard of the masses/individuals in various ways.

To provide a comprehensive plan for the promotions of medical science, community medicine, and health education, including medical and health care system, family welfare, nutrition, mental and physical fitness education, and maternal and child welfare through medical camps, seminars, exhibitions, CME's programs, etc.

To provide a platform for qualified doctors, medical technicians, unregistered health and medical practitioners, Vaid, Hakim, Nurse, Pharmacist, compounders, health workers, ETC

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