Chairman's Message

Message from the Desk of Chairman

I have great pleasure in welcoming the prospective students contemplating to joing the JCF Medical community college New Delhi in one of the vocational and job oriented courses being conducted by JCFMCC.

Indian Higher Education is in need of radical reforms. A Focous on enforcing higher standards of Transparency, strengthening the vocational and Doctoral Education pipeline and professionalisation of eduction sector through stronger Institutional responsibility would help in reprioritizing efforts and working around complexities.. The rise of information technology and vocational education sector in India has boxed the student into linear path without giving them a chance to explore and discover their passions. Concerted and collabortive effort are needed in broadening student choices through liberal education.

I will wish you every success in your studies and in your Future careers.

Dr. Shahbaz Chaudhary

M.D. (Ayu.) and D.J.

M.H.E.C. From Harvard University (USA) Chairman of JCF Medical

Community College New Delhi.